Limited Warranty Statement
This statement describes the product warranty provided by ACMER, and contains information about the services and support available to the original purchaser ("buyer").

In this statement,
"ACMER" means acmer3d.com;
"Product" means ACMER products, including ACMER P and related separately sold accessories;
"Purchaser" means the original consumer who purchased the product;

Warranty Period
The ACMER warranty is valid from the date of original purchase by the original purchaser. For inquiries about the warranty period of your purchased product, please upload the proof of purchase and contact support@acmer3d.com.

A) ACMER P Series and related separately sold accessories are covered by the buyer's one-year international warranty from the original purchase date.

Please note the following explanations of the different warranty terms:

1) One-year international limited warranty means that ACMER will provide the following free warranty services:
a) The cost and courier fee of international parts for the first year from the date of purchase.

Warranty Range
The ACMER warranty service described in this statement is only applicable to the products purchased by the buyer on acmer3d.com. The warranty is effective from the purchaser's original purchase date.

During the corresponding warranty period, if this product is used in accordance with the instructions in the "User Manual", there will generally be no defects in materials or workmanship.

If the purchaser fails during the warranty period when using this product in accordance with the instructions in the User Manual, ACMER will choose to use new or repaired parts to repair the product according to the situation.

Warranty Service
ACMER only provides a warranty service of "sent accessories". For warranty service, please provide proof of purchase to support@acmer3d.com.

The parts removed from the product during the warranty service will belong to ACMER, and the parts replaced during the warranty repair wil